About The Author - Steven Pesavento
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About The Author


Steven Pesavento

Hello. My name’s Steven. I’m a creative problem-solver and digital marketer on a Superman-like mission to challenge the status quo. My mantra: think positive. I believe you can improve yourself every day though personal development, life-hacking, and getting out of your comfort zone. Small talk is cheap, so tell me something you care about. I’ll start:

Eating Tacos
Good Wine
International Adventures
Solving Business Problems (a.ka. “New Opportunities”)
The projects section — which you can check out here (coming soon) — details my experience in digital marketing, project/team management, and traveling the world. My work includes co-founding a chapter of House of Genius in Minneapolis, a stint in Management Consulting, leading software dev teams across dozens of projects, and serving as a strategic advisor to a brewpub in Colombia.

Every day, I strive to make people — including myself — better at what they do. That’s what this page, and my blog, is all about. Stay in touch, and together we’ll learn a thing or two.